Certificate of Competence in Activity Aide

Calling all Long-term Care Professionals & Para-Professionals!

KCC's Occupational Therapy Assistant Program Offers this Certificate of Competence in Activity Aide which will strengthen your marketability in senior care.  This is an excellent opportunity for those working in Care Homes, Foster Homes, Assisted Living Facilities, Nursing Home, Adult Day Centers and other senior programs serving groups of seniors. The Certificate requires two (2) classes:

  1. HLTH 118 - Therapeutic Interpersonal Skills (3 credits/45 hours) - Develops self awareness and cultural sensitivity through student interaction. Teaches a variety of communication skills needed to build rapport with clients and work with caregivers.
  2. OTA 119 - Therapeutic Activities (2 credits/60 hours) - Teaches basic patient handling skills and therapeutic activities appropriate for use with the elderly. Explores how to teach, adapt and grade activities to clent capabilities and interests.

For more information:  Call Carol Paul Watanabe - 734-9227

                                    Email paulwata@hawaii.edu

Flyer: pdf


To see the online schedule click: KCC-Admissions-Class Availability



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