"Future of Technology and Aging in Hawaii". Presentations by Eric Dishman, Intel Fellow and General Manager, Health & LIfe Sciences Group, The Intel Corporation. Report of four conferences on April 10-11, 2014 in Honolulu HI. Long Report 

 Short Report

"Gerontology Credit Courses Offered by Colleges and Universities in Hawaii". Prepared by Sigma Phi Omega-Hawaii Chapter and Kupuna Education Center, February 2007.  Report

"AGHE Community College Program Development Guide 3". Prepared by the Community College Standing Committee for Workforce Development for an Aging Society: Cultivating Champions at Community College. Third edition(revised & expanded).  Report

"Hawai'i's 2020 Vision: The State of Active Aging. A White Paper on Aging for the 21st Century." Published by the Hawai'i State Executive Office on Aging and the Kupuna Education Center, November 2013.  Report

"2013 Profile of Successful Aging". Published by the Hawai'i State Executive Office on Aging.  Report

"2013-2018 Falls Prevention State Plan". Published by the Hawai'i State Executive Office on Aging.  Report

"Evaluation of the Kapiolani Community College, Kupuna Education Center's Kupuna Adult Care Home Project—Final Report ". Prepared by Christy Nishita, PhD. June 4, 2012.  Report

Source:  Invitational Presidential Symposium Address at the AGHE Conference, Washington DC, February 2012.   Report

"The Aging Tsunami and Addressing Eldercare Workforce—5-Year Tactical Plan - 2012-2014". Prepared by Kupuna Education Center.  Report

"Evaluation of the Kapi'olani Community College, Kupuna Education Center's Kupuna Adult Care Home Project—Interim Report". Prepared by Christy Nishita, PhD. Dec. 30, 2011.  Report

"Elder Stay@Home Project—Grant Report to the International Longevity Center/MetLife Foundation", September 2009, by Cullen Hayashida and Toni Hathaway.  Report

"The Role of Community Colleges in an Aging Society and the Importance of Networking", Summer 2009, by Cullen Hayashida, Michael Faber and Jan Abushakrah.  Report

"Meeting Hawai'i's Workforce Need for Gerontology Education at Kapiolani: Interpretations & Strategic Planning Recommendations from Trends, Literature Reviews & Surveys", March 30, 2009. Prepared by Kupuna Education Center.  Report

"Kapi'olani Community College:  Answering the Challenge of an Aging Society", 2009, by Ken Knapp. Report

"Selected Community Colleges with Gerontology, Active Aging and Senior Affinity-type Programs", December 20, 2006, prepared by Cullen Hayashida.  Report

"The Role of the Community College in an Aging society:  Review of National Programs for Hawaii's Strategic Plan", December 2006, prepared by Cullen Hayashida.  Report

"The Role of Community Colleges in an Aging Society", KCC Conference Report. October 2003. Prepared by Michelle Sagucio, Michelle Sasaki and Cullen Hayashida.  Report

"Better Care for Complex, Challenging Clients:  Hawaii's Training Program to Improve Residential Long-term Care", by Christy M. Nishita, Ph.D., Cullen Hayashida, Ph.D., & Emelyn Kim, M.S.  Unpublished Manuscript - Pending Publication - May 2013.  Article

"Governor Abercrombie: A New Day for Hawaii's Seniors", by Brian Suda, appearing ing Dec-Jan 2012 Generations Magazine.  Article

"Hawaii looks at business side of growing old", by Linda Chiem, appeared in Pacific Business News on 4/22/2011, page 8. Article

"Active Aging: Searching for 21st Century New Gerontology Paradigm Planning at Kapiolani Community College", by Cullen Hayashida, appearing in Spring/Summer 2010 Newsletter of the Association For Gerontology in Higher Education.  Article

"What Role Can Our Aging Population Play In the Workforce?"

Broadcast February 27, 2014 on Hawaii Public TV's Island Insights program with Malia Mattock(moderator), Cullen Hayashida, Dwight Takamine(State Director of Labor and Industrial Relations), Gerry Souza(AARP-Hawaii President) and Jack Bates(Senior Advisor with Olelo Public Television). Video Report

“Aging Hawaii: Voter Viewpoint”
Discussion of the challenges that Hawaii faces due to the aging of Hawaii’s population. Chris van der Cook, moderator with Barbara Kim Stanton, AARP Hawaii, Dr. Wes Lum, Hawaii State Executive Office on Aging and Cullen Hayashida of KCC Kupuna Education Center . This was initially broadcast on Oahu’s Olelo Public Access Television on July 27, 2012.  Documentary

See conversation on "Hawaii's Aging Population" broadcast on INSIGHTS ON PBS HAWAII aired July 7, 2011. 2011 marks the year when baby boomers begin to retire. By 2035, the state expects more than a quarter of our residents to be over the age of 60. What will this mean for our economy, workforce, healthcare system and our families?  What should we be doing now to prepare for an older population? These questions are explored with experts from government, academic and non-profit perspectives. Guests include: Suzanne Chun Oakland (D), Hawaii State Senate; Cullen Hayashida, Director, KCC Kupuna Education Center; Wesley Lum, Director, State Executive Office on Aging; and Gary Powell, President, The Caregiver Foundation.  Documentary

Watch this critical 1-hour video documentary called “The Graying in Hawaii” by Marc DeLorme and Audrey Kubota. This was a production that required over 2 years to create. It was broadcast on PBS-Hawaii in June 2009. Documentary
Part 1 – The Long-term Care Crisis in Hawaii
This part investigates Hawaii’s long-term care crisis, elder care and the pressure that is put on informal caregivers. The controversial practice of shipping “inconvenient” patients to the U.S. mainland is also explored.
Part 2 – Aging-in-Place
This part questions the concept of "Aging-in-Place" as a solution to Hawaii's shortage of long-term care facilities. Is "Aging-in-Place" at home a realistic option, if affordable senior services are not available?



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