Adult Residential Care Home Operator

The Adult Residential Care Home (ARCH) Training Program was developed with the Department of Health (DOH) for nurse aides with working experience in a skilled nursing long term care facility, home care, or hospital care. The program prepares operators to provide residential care of individuals in the home. The program consists of three one credit courses which are taught in the evenings twice a year. The Department of Health has additional structural and service requirements for operating an ARCH home.

Regulations are found in Chapter 100 of the Hawaii Revised Statutes. A copy can be obtained by calling 808.692.7407 for $10 or from their website. Scroll down to Chapter 100 and click on its link. It may be printed from the computer and is about 30 pages in length.

Description: Participants learn about diseases, preparation of special diets, following through with existing therapies, and behavior management. They also learn simple accounting and rules and regulations established by the Department of Health.

Employment Outlook: There is always a need for caring, responsible care home operators. The salary varies due to individual operations.

Non-Credit ARCH Offerings:

ARCH for RNs and LPNs. Currently licensed registered nurses (RNs) and licensed practical nurses (LPNs) who wish to operate an ARCH can take an 16 hour non-credit course, ARCH for RNs and LPNs in lieu of the three credit ARCH courses. This course is also usually offered twice a year. Prerequisite: Hawaii RN or LPN license.

Plan of Care and Correction. ARCH operators may enroll for this 8 hour course which focuses on common deficiencies in care home homes, how to prevent and address them, and how to have a quality home. Prerequisite: training or experience as an ARCH operator.

For more information about noncredit courses go to the Continuing Education and Training website: Continuing Education & Training Website


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